Clan Of Celts: "Beggars, Celts & Madmen"

Tracy's Thoughts

Perhaps my eclectic taste in music was influenced by me practically growing up in and around radio stations from the 60's to the 80's. (My Dad and oldest brother were DJ's.) I enjoy so many different genres, the little "suggested side-bar" when I visit YouTube looks very confused! 

I first heard Clan of Celts on MacSlon's Irish Pub Radio several months ago, the song was "Dream Catcher" from their recently released CD "Beggars, Celts & Madmen". It immediately struck something deep down inside of me. While that don't often happen I knew I had to find out more about this group. More recently I read a review of this album on London Celtic Punks and learned about the background and meaning of this particular melodic song. You can read this review at ALBUM REVIEW: CLAN OF CELTS.

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