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New Website - Press Release 

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Clan of Celts website, which will go live at midnight on 5th December 2021. 

The Clan of Celts website created by The Ragged Tiger, now has more features including, biographies, galleries, merchandise, events and blog page, plus much more!

The band is also back with a brand new line-up for 2022 

Introducing the new Clan of Celts members, Tim Newcombe (Keyboards) and Nicky Keogh (Drums) Read more about these talented musicians in the new Biographies section on our website. Tim and Nicky, along with original band members Denis Dowling and Alistair McCaig, are waiting for Covid restrictions to ease so they can travel to Ireland to film their new music video. Of course, there will be more details of this as and when it happens. We will update you on our news page as soon as we know more.

Clan of Celts is now entering an exciting new phase. They are currently writing and recording material for their new album, due to be released next year. You will find all updates and news about this on our news and blog page, as well as gig dates. We will update these pages regularly, so you’ll always be in the Clan of Celts loop. 

In the meantime, please check out the new Clan of Celts website from midnight on 4th December and join our mailing list, to be the first to hear about exclusive updates from the band.

Paddy Wagon Festival - 11th to 12th October 2019 

The Paddywagon Festival 

11th/12th October 2019 

Paddywagon is a festival devoted to funk, punk and rock music. In October 2019, Clan of Celts performed at the Festival held in Leipzig, Germany. The festival has become a tremendous success since it took off in 2015, drawing in crowds to see acts from leading bands in its genre. 

It has hosted a broad variety of outstanding bands, which include; The Rumjacks, Fiddler’s Green, Paddy Punk, Paddy and the Rats, O’Reilly and the Paddyhats and, of course, Clan of Celts. 

Triskell Festival - 21st to 30th June 2019 

Triskell Festival 

21st/31st June 2019 - Trieste, Italy 

The International Festival of Celtic Music and Culture of Trieste is a yearly outdoor event that attracts Celtic music lovers from all over the world. The Clan of Celts performed at the festival in June 2019, where they rocked out to enthusiastic crowds. 

Triskell organisers invited the Clan of Celts to play the festival thanks to one song, Dream Catcher. The song blew away promoters, prompting them to contact the band to secure a performance at the 2019 festival in Trieste. 

Clan of Celts fans travelled from all across Europe to watch them perform. Their show was a massive success, with the band being well received by audiences and music critics.

Click Here for the Triskell Website.

Clan Of Celts: "Beggars, Celts & Madmen" 

Tracy's Thoughts

Perhaps my eclectic taste in music was influenced by me practically growing up in and around radio stations from the 60's to the 80's. (My Dad and oldest brother were DJ's.) I enjoy so many different genres, the little "suggested side-bar" when I visit YouTube looks very confused! 

I first heard Clan of Celts on MacSlon's Irish Pub Radio several months ago, the song was "Dream Catcher" from their recently released CD "Beggars, Celts & Madmen". It immediately struck something deep down inside of me. While that don't often happen I knew I had to find out more about this group. More recently I read a review of this album on London Celtic Punks and learned about the background and meaning of this particular melodic song. You can read this review at ALBUM REVIEW: CLAN OF CELTS.

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Clan Of Celts Beggars, Celts & ​M​admen CD Review By: Jon Lamb 

Punk Globe

If you want a party this is the album for you. London based Irish rock at its best a cross between Thin Lizzy meets The Pogues what more could you want! Each song is different but every song makes you want to dance! This is  the band's debut album. The Clan of Celts puts you in the party mode from play one with songs like Please Don’t Send me Home and Dream Catcher. On this release are doing what they want to do and making a statement of where they want to go from here.

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ALBUM REVIEW: CLAN OF CELTS- ‘Beggars, Celts And Madmen’ (2018) 

London Celtic Punks

Clan Of Celts are no strangers to the London music scene with roots dating back over the past 20+ years to many various other bands throughout England and Ireland. March is generally a pretty busy and drunken period in the Celtic punk world but the Clan Of Celts are busy preparing for the launch of their debut album Beggars, Celts And Madmen. All going well it is expected to be launched on Paddy’s Day so if by chance you intend to have a pint then this album is the perfect partner. Stick this CD on in any bar and it will definitely put you in the mood for a decent session. 2016 saw the release of the first song and video from the album ‘Please Don’t Send Me Home’. The video release was a great introduction of the band and is written about the Irish emigrants in London and the craic in the bars and clubs around London.

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Clan of Celts – Beggars Celts and Madmen

Hier steckt viel Herzblut drin. Das brandneue Video von Clan of Celts läuft bereits in unserem youtube-channel, aber der Hintergrund der Bilder ist nicht ohne weiteres verständlich. Daher hier eine Zusammenfassung des Inhalts, wie ihn die Londoner Band  auf youtube dargestellt hat.

A lot of heart and soul has gone into this. The brand new video of Clan of Celts is already running on our youtube channel, but the background of the pictures is not easy to understand. Therefore, here is a summary of the content as presented by the London band on youtube.

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Who are The Clan of Celts? 

Paddy Rock

About a week or so ago I was speaking with Denis Dowling from London based Clan of Celts over Social Media. He was very excited about the release of their new video “Please Don’t Send Me Home”. And we thought it would be a grand time for people to get to know Denis and The Clan of Celts so we did a short Q&A, and if you haven’t seen it yet check out the video at the end!

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